Our Purpose, Mission, and Vision


Our purpose is to utilize the true, inspired Word of God.  We nurture faith and strive to share the Law and Gospel with everyone.

Our mission is to be Christ's ambassadors by witnessing to those around us.

Our vision is to equip our members to be witnesses who go and tell, explore what the Bible says about prayer, utilize various methods of communication, strengthen the fellowship of the congregation, and demonstrate a living faith in the congregation, community, and the world.





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Service Times

Sunday 8:00am & 10:30am
Thursday, 6:30pm


2665 North Street (Hwy 20)
East Troy, WI 53120
Phone: (262) 642-3200



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Message from the Pastor

Welcome to our website!


St. Paul’s is a Christian church and multi-faceted ministry driven by a love and appreciation for God’s Word.  We believe that the whole Bible is God’s own thoughts and words.  We  are also a community church.  Our goal is to meet  the needs of those around us by sharing God’s love. 



If we can serve you in any way, please contact Pastor Tim Kujath, 642-3200.


 Stewardship Thought for the Week

Based on John 5:19-24
The father/son relationship is pretty special, especially when that son is the firstborn. Dad holds his little boy in his arms and sees that the family name lives on. As time goes on, dad teaches his son to do all kinds of things--play catch, change the oil on the car, basic home maintenance. The boy grows up, and everyone pays him the highest compliment: "He looks just like his father." The longer we live in Christ, we honor our Father and his one and only Son and begin to look more and more like him! Our lives here on earth are a testament to the life that Jesus has given to us. The way we use every gift we possess shows the connection we have with our Father and our joy in the gift he's given us--eternal life with him in heaven.























WELS Daily Devotions

Just Wait ? November 17, 2018

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