Mrs. Mary Anderson

Name: Mary Anderson 


Grades Taught:  2002-2005, Grades 3-4, 2012, Kindergarten


Education:  Wisconsin Lutheran College, 1999; BA in Elementary Education/Art Minor (Grades 1-6), Wisconsin - DPI licensed; Certified Early Childhood I and II; currently completing Pre-K-6 Wisconsin - DPI License coursework requirements; working toward WELS certification through MLC


Hobbies and Interests:  Art, theater, dance, Christian contemporary music


What you like most about being a teacher and called worker:  The joy, found within each and everyone of my students in knowing Jesus as their Savior, faith given to them by our gracious God and His amazing, awesome love.


Your message to parents considering St. Paul's school:  I am so grateful to be teaching again at St. Paul's!  It was a true answer to prayer to be called back to St. Paul's.  It is my pleasure and honor to be teaching each and everyone of your amazing children--each a true masterpiece created by our saving God!  I pray I will instill not only skills in your children's lives; but also the joy that comes from knowing and trusting in our awesome God!